Fees & Financing

Fees & Financing

A lot goes into choosing the right plastic surgeon to do your procedure. You want a plastic surgeon who is an expert in their field, well trained with qualified credentials and with years of experience. Importantly, you also want to feel safe and comfortable with them.

How much things cost is another important variable that comes into play when embarking on a surgical plan to improve or make a change to your appearance. Dr. vanVliet works hard to keep her fees fair and affordable. She is well-versed with procedures both private and with those that are potentially funded (fully or partially) by OHIP.
To help you understand how things are priced, the total fee for a cosmetic surgical procedure is actually the sum of 3 separate fees:

  1. Dr. vanVliet’s Fee: This includes your surgical procedure and all your pre- and post-operative follow-up visits. Dr. vanVliet places a premium on providing a seamless safety net for you so that you feel well supported throughout your healing period. Her surgical fee also includes all your compression garments and scar gels that help to optimize your outcome.
  2. The Facility Fee: Minor surgical procedures that can be done under local anesthesia are often done at the Van Vliet Clinic. Surgical procedures requiring sedation or general anesthetics will be done at Southlake Regional Health Centre, where Dr. vanVliet is acting chief of plastic surgery. Southlake hospital is right next door to our clinic and it is a state-of-the-art hospital with excellent nursing and anesthesia staff. An overnight stay may be required for more extensive surgical procedures; there is a separate fee for this.
  3. The Anesthesia Fee: If your surgery requires sedation or a full general anesthetic, an hourly fee will be applied for your anesthetist.

We are happy to provide an estimate of what procedures cost online or by phone. However, a full consultation with Dr. vanVliet is recommended. It will ensure that you have a complete and accurate picture of the full cost of your procedure. We will provide you with convenient financing options to fit your budget, and to allow you to have your procedure on your timeline.

To learn whether one of our procedures may be right for you, request a consultation or call Dr. vanVliet’s office at 905-898-1814.

We work closely with our financing partner:

CREDIT MEDICAL or call 1-416-593-1633 or toll-free 1-800-270-9290

Our plastic surgery credit partner provides excellent service with convenient payment options. You can apply with an online application or contact us online or by phone – our staff members will be happy to help you get started with your financing options.
We also accept VISA, MasterCard, Money Orders, Certified Cheques, Debit Cards and Cash.

Micro-needling:Face: $300/Treatment
Chemical Peels: $125/treatment or $395 for a bundle of 4
Moderate to deep Peels: $150/treatment or $395 for a bundle of 3
Jessner or Soft TCA peel: $195/treatment
Latisse eyelash enhancement
 All About Eyes  $295/ treatment or $995 for bundle of 4


Laser and Light Based Treatments:

Halo: Face: $1350 to $1500/treatment or $2500 for a bundle of 2
Neck and Chest: add $1000
Halo + BBL: Face: $1650
BBL Correct: Face: $495/treatment or $1250 for a bundle of 3
Neck: $300/treatment or $795 for a bundle of 3
Chest: $495/ treatment or $1250 for a bundle of 3
Face, Neck and Chest: $895
BBL Forever Young: Face: $495/treatment or $1250 for a bundle of 3
BBL Forever Clear (Acne): $250/treatment or $1195 for a bundle of 6
Tight and Bright: Face: $795/treatment or $ 1895 for a bundle of 3
Micro Laser Peel: Face: $500-$700/treatment
PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy): Face or Scalp: $895/treatment or $1500 for a bundle of 2


Laser Hair Removal:

Upper Lip or Chin: $95 or *$75/treatment or bundle of 6: $495 or *$375
Chin and Upper Lip: $125 or $95/treatment or bundle of 6: $675 or *$495
Underarms: $150 or *$125/treatment or bundle of 6: $795 or *$675
*Purchase a bundled treatment and receive a chemical peel for free (value of $125)
*Purchase a chemical peel to supercharge your treatment for just $75
*Add Laser hair removal of the upper lip or chin to your treatment for $75


Skin Tightening RF (Radio-Frequency):

Face: $350/treatment or $1250 for a bundle of 4
Neck: $300/treatment or $995 for a bundle of 4
Face and Neck: $500/treatment or $1500 for a bundle of 4
Abdomen, thighs or arms:

All about eyes

$375/treatment or $2000 for a bundle of 6

$295/ treatment or $995 for a bundle of 4



Wrinkle Relaxers (Botox, Dysport): $12/unit
Volume Restoration/Fillers: HA based fillers: $500-$750/syringe
Sculptra Injections: $1600/treatment session or $4000 for 3 sessions
Belkyra: $1200/treatment session


Non-surgical Body Contouring:

CoolSculpting : Starting at $1500 per treatment session
RF Skin Tightening with Pellefirm: $375/treatment area or $2000 for a bundle of 6

Breast Contouring Procedures:

Breast Augmentation Surgery: $7,000 – $8,500
Breast implant revision surgery $5,000 – $10,500
Breast lift surgery:
     Limited/ peri-areolar: $2,500
     Vertical/ lollipop: $7,400 – $8,000
Breast Augmentation/lift:  $9,000 – $10,500
Upper body lift: $10,000 – $14,000
Breast liposuction $2,400 – $4,000
Nipple Correction:
  Inverted nipples: $900/one nipple and $1,700 for both nipples
  Protruding nipples: $750/one nipple and $1,400 for both nipples


Body Contouring Procedures:

Tummy tuck surgery:
     Mini tummy tuck $5,000 – $6,000
     Full tummy tuck $8,500 – $11,500
Circumferential/lower body lift: $12,000 – $15,000
Liposuction: $3,500 – $6,000
Arm Lift: $6,500 – $8,000
Mommy Make-over $9,000 – $14,500


Facial Procedures

Eyelid lift:
Upper eyelids: $3,000
     Lower eyelids: $4,000
     Upper & Lower eyelids: $6,000
Ear setback surgery: $4,500 – $7,000
Earlobe surgery:
     Torn earlobe: $500/one or $750/two
     Earlobe Reduction: $500/one or $750/two
Mole, cyst removal: $300/ lesion or $375/2 with sutures
$175/ lesion without suture repair