Cate BlanchetteOn Sunday, during the Academy Awards, we saw many examples of cosmetic work on familiar, and not so familiar faces, the result of well done, and not-so-well-done work.

New patients who come to my office often have the biggest misconceptions around injectables, such as fillers or Botox. They worry that they will look fake, or worse yet … weird.

Sad to say, it doesn’t take a trained eye to pick up on an overdone look; overdone lips and frozen foreheads can be detected at a glance. And trust me, you’ll see it. After the BAFTA Awards last week the Social Media Universe was abuzz with talk about Tom Cruise’s over-filled face. These kinds of results are often the faces that get cited to me as examples of what kind of look is feared by anyone considering injectables for the first time.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.50.52 PMYes, the beautiful and elegant faces that you saw on the red carpet are well endowed, but those women are also doing important upkeep to maintain and enhance their beauty. Seamless beauty and graceful aging over the years takes work. If you look at the face of an actress past her 30th birthday, and you see that she looks natural, with very subtle aging, it’s likely because the maintenance work on her skin has been done well. But a natural, subtle result is what I’m talking about. Not bloated and freaky.

The bottom line? They have all had some work done … whether it’s with injectables like fillers or Botox, and/or skin treatments like lasers or chemical peels. It’s become an accepted routine for those who want to look their best at any age. The great news is that we can help you look like the star that you are … starting with a skin consultation and an easy-to-follow, customized skin care and maintenance routine.

We all love the red carpet fashions and the critiques and analysis that happen the day after the Oscars. I have to say that both Cate Blanchette and Naomi Watts win my award for skin work well done, with subtlety, elegance and flawlessness. Both are classy women, who are aging so beautifully.