Laser and Light Treatments

Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin

A daily skin care regimen protects and maintains on a day-to-day basis. But as we age, environmental damage diminishes the quality of our skin, and intervention becomes necessary. There’s no denying how dramatically and powerfully the laser and light treatments at our Newmarket clinic can reverse years of accumulated skin damage, very often in a short period of time. Think of our laser treatment modalities as another beauty tool … there’s nothing to fear. At The Van Vliet Clinic, our goal is to educate and help everyone who visits us from Barrie, Aurora, Vaughan, Markham, and other nearby cities for skin rejuvenation decide which laser treatment at our Newmarket clinc is best suited for their goals.

How These Treatments Work

Our laser and light treatments are safe, medical-grade technologies that stimulate skin surface cell regeneration. Older, damaged skin cells are replaced with healthy, new cells. We use a variety of light energy wavelengths to target different molecules in the skin: pigment (melanin), vessels (hemoglobin) and water (collagen) depending on the correction you are trying to achieve.

Dramatic Results With Little Downtime

The majority of our laser treatments such as the non-ablative fractional laser are non-invasive and require little downtime. The results are often dramatic and when combined with a good maintenance skin care regimen they can last a long time. A consultation is required prior to any laser treatment.