Scar Treatment

What is Scar Treatment?

In her years of practice as a plastic surgeon, Dr. vanVliet has come to appreciate that the eventual appearance of a scar has as much to do with what she does during surgery as what occurs in the first four to six weeks after the surgery.  She believes that impeccable surgical technique needs to be followed by impeccable post-operative wound care. She, therefore, places a premium on patient education and walks her patients through the critical and early stages of wound healing. Her ultimate goal is to help you create a fine, pale and supple scar that is minimally visible.
Often Dr. vanVliet is asked to manage patients with established problems scars. These can be thick, unsightly scars that arise from trauma, burns, surgery or even chronic acne flares. The management of problem scars is multifaceted and will require that you be assessed by Dr. vanVliet.  Treatment options may include and/or combine the topical use of silicone gel, the use of compression garments, intra-lesional injection of steroids, fractional laser treatments or surgical revision. If you have scars of concern, you can be referred by your family physician for an initial consultation with Dr. vanVliet.

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