The Decollette


What Are Aging Spots?

Compared to our facial skin, the skin of our chest is much thinner and more prone to photo-damage. For this reason, the skin of our decolletege can often significantly age us. Chest wall photo-damage is often marked by wrinkles, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation and a tactile roughness in texture. Whether it is a breast contouring patient who no longer wants to hide beneath turtle necks, or a facial rejuvenation patient who dislikes the abrupt transition between her treated facial skin and her untreated chest wall skin, Dr. vanVliet increasingly receives enquiries regarding ways to improve the esthetic appearance of the chest. She uses and often combines a number of treatments to rejuvenate chest wall skin, including: injectables, chemical peels, BBL and tunable fractional lasers. Dr. vanVliet’s approach is comprehensive and will be tailored to your specific esthetic concerns.

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