Summer is here!

Flaunt your beautiful naked skin


Pack up the turtlenecks, it’s time to enjoy the feel of warm summer breezes on your skin. But sadly for some women, wearing a turtleneck is a camouflage meant to helpSummer special hide their age. The skin on your neck and décolletage is thinner and is not of the same quality as your facial skin and we often forget to protect it from the sun. It’s more susceptible to photo-damage and aging and very often you may notice a real disconnect between what our necks and what our faces look like.

This is why it’s important to protect the neck and décolletage as vigorously as we protect our faces, especially as we roll into the summer months. I put the same broad spectrum SPF and anti-oxidants on my chest as I do on my own face. A wrinkled chest and even worse – skin cancer, just isn’t worth it.

So what can you do about an aged or photo-damaged neck and chest? The good news is that a lot of the damage that we see on the neck and chest is amenable to skin rejuvenation treatments. These treatments are just like the treatments that we do on the face, but they’re customized to address the needs of the thinner, more delicate chest and neck skin.

If your skin simply looks dull and crepey, you can consider a treatment course of light chemical peels, customized for the body that will have your skin looking fresher, brighter and more luminescent. This is a great procedure if you have important summer events where the neck, chest and shoulders are going to be exposed and you want to look your best.

If your skin is blotchy (yes, that’s the medical term) with brown spots, freckling and with the skin on your neck looking 10 years older than the skin your face, consider effective light-based treatments like IPL or our OPL. This treatment can help you safely close the gap and have your face, neck and décolletage all looking congruent with one another. It’s relatively painless, with no downtime … and you will lose those age spots.

To improve the tone and texture of really wrinkled skin, a customized laser treatment might be the best approach. This usually requires staging some fractional laser treatments with skin tightening radio-frequency treatments and occasionally using a small amount of hyaluronic-based fillers to fill in any residual lines.

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