Mommy Makeover

Post-Partum TweakA ‘Post-Partum Tweak’ also known as a ‘Mommy Makeover’ at my Newmarket clinic can be a wonderful, life changing way to restore your best body after you’ve had children. Mommy Makeovers often involve a body contouring procedure; full or mini-tummy tuck and/or liposuction combined with a breast procedure; breast augmentation, lift, liposuction or reduction. Women can be beautiful at all stages of their life. Just because their bodies have changed, doesn’t mean they can’t look and feel great.

Do I Need A Mommy Makeover?

The majority of women who come to my practice for a Mommy Makeover are women who are getting their lives back after their last baby has been born. They are working hard at taking good care of themselves, but they may have a few residual aesthetic concerns or postpartum figure ‘leftovers’ that have not responded to their best efforts on a fitness and healthy nutrition routine.

Am I A Good Candidate?

My role is to walk women through the process of deciding which corrective aesthetic procedures would serve them best. My goal is to help the patient decide which combination of procedures can most safely and effectively help them reach their unique and highly personal aesthetic goals.

Often, surgical tweaks involve some surgical combination of breast and torso surgery.  I usually advocate waiting at least one to two years after delivery of your last child and after finishing breast feeding so that you have an opportunity to equilibrate with respect to your weight and your lifestyle.

Postpartum surgical tweaks are intended for women who are finished having children, in excellent health and in the position to enjoy the results of their surgery for many decades to come. As long as you remain relatively weight stable and healthy as you age, the majority of these surgical interventions are long-standing with little requirement for future surgery. I believe that we can be beautiful at all stages of the life cycle – and that we can own the responsibility to maintain it.


You don’t need a make over to feel good about your body. I am happy to guide you and tweak what you feel needs improving – natural, incremental improvements – essentially helping you step into and enjoy the beautiful skin that you are already in. Feel free to set up a consultation with me to discuss any of your aesthetic concerns. Contact us to set up a consultation with me to discuss any of your aesthetic concerns. Women visit The Van Vliet Clinic from Barrie, Vaughan, Aurora, and other communities near Newmarket.

Before And After Photos

Patient #1
Procedure: Post-Partum Tweak

This healthy mother of 2 underwent a joint breast reduction / liposuction procedure and tummy tuck. She is a healthy mother of 2 children but wanted to get more comfortable in her own skin and to get her pre-children body back. It’s early days yet – these photos are taken at post op month one – but the contour of her breasts and abdomen have improved significantly and she is very comfortable and happy. Her scars will continue to remodel over the coming year to become softer and lighter.Mommy-MakeoverMommy-Makeover

Patient #2
Procedure: Post-Partum Tweak

This healthy and fit 47-year old mother of 5 wanted surgical correction of her breast involution and descent, as well as improvement of her abdominal contour and scars (ER c-section scar). She underwent a breast augmentation and lift, plus a full abdominoplasty procedure. Here she is only 2 months post-operatively.


Patient #3
Procedure: Post Partum Tweak

This mother of 3 developed skin laxity and a wide rectus diastasis after her last twin pregnancy which required a C-section delivery. In spite of her best efforts the skin laxity and diastasis gave her a loose, full look that could not be exercised away. Her post-operative photos were taken at 4 months. Although her scars are still healing, we can see the considerable improvement in her abdominal contour. She is back to her fit and lean looking self.

Post-Partum Tweak

Post-Partum Tweak

Patient #4
Procedure: Post-Partum Tweak

This patient underwent staged procedures:
Breast lift and nipple reduction in 2013. She was so delighted she went on to tummy tuck with a diastasis (muscle repair) in 2015. Here we see her early results 3 months out. Her scars will continue to fade and soften.


Patient #5
Procedure: Post-Partum Tweak

The healthy and fit mother of 3 underwent staged procedures. She disliked her puckered C-section scar and we were able to rid her of this plus improve her shape with a tummy tuck. A couple of years later I corrected her post partum breast deflation with a breast lift. Because she was happy with her breast size I did not remove any breast tissue – just redistributed her existing breast tissue volume into a tightened skin brassiere.AbdominoplastyMastopexy

Patient #6
Procedure: Post-Partum Tweak

This 41-year old woman wanted correction of her breast descent and her abdominal contour after the birth of her 2 children. She had small B cup breasts and was happy with her size – just not the deflation and descent. I did a skin only breast lift to maintain her breast volume in her tightened and lifted skin brassiere. She had a wide rectus diastasis leading to a protruding belly in spite of the fact that she was not a heavy woman. I was able to improve her abdominal contour with a diastasis repair at the time of her tummy tuck.Mommy MakeoverMommy Makeover

Patient #7
Procedure: Post-Partum Tweak

This healthy 44-year old woman had some breast descent and abdominal skin laxity after having children. She had a c-section scar that was tethered with loose skin above this. I did a breast lift and tummy tuck for her.
I removed very little breast tissue at the time of her breast lift because she wanted to maintain her bra size. A small amount of liposuction was done to the sides of her breasts to help improve her contour.
For the abdominoplasty part of her procedure I had to remove 1473 gm of skin and fatty tissue. I repaired her muscles to improve her overall waistline and to flatten her abdominal contour.
These photos were taken a few months after her original procedure. Her scars will continue to lighten and fade over the coming year.Post-Partum-Tweak

Additional Before & After Photos




Patient Stories


Post-Partum Tweak - Van Vliet Clinic | Plastic Surgery Clinic







What prompted you to seek the procedure?
I went in after many years of feeling uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. I wasn’t sure if a breast reduction was something I should do, but I thought that I should do it while I was still young. I asked a friend for her opinion …. she said do it!! But I was still scared. My family Dr. referred me to Dr VV … I went in for a breast reduction, but got what she really needed – which was both a breast reduction and a tummy tuck to deal with the issues that were left over from childbirth. By the time I’d had my 3rd child I had destroyed all of my stomach muscles. On the spur of the moment, I asked Dr. VV about liposuction. Dr VV explained that a tummy tuck was the only way to resolve the issue.
Dr VV understood how it was for me. When I first went in I was scared … fear of the unknown. But immediately she put my mind at ease. She was reassuring and honest. I trusted her immediately. Now I wish I’d done the breast reduction and tummy tuck years ago … I would recommend Dr. Vanvliet to anyone!

Did you have any concerns going in?
I have 3 young kids … I was afraid of how I would come out of the anesthetic. I had never had an operation before … not even stitches. I was worried about the pain level and how I would be affected by post-op nausea and how any movement would pull on the stitches. Dr. VV had told me everything I needed to know, so I wasn’t worried at all about doing both procedures together.

How long had you been thinking about having the procedure done?
I was just out of high school and my breasts were huge. I suffered from back pain, I had indents in my skin from bra straps. Psychologically it was so damaging. I was always so self-conscious. To go bra or dress shopping should have been a joy and instead it was so damaging. I used to live in fear of being invited to be in someone’s wedding party and worry about what kind of dress the bridesmaids would be wearing: I was in fear of strapless dresses. Would I fall out of it? Would I find the right bra for it. Even worrying about my own wedding dress was stressful … my dress was strapless and I had to have them put sleeves on it so I could wear a bra.
I realized after my 3rd kid, I’m not getting any younger and to complicate matters, my stomach muscles had taken a beating. I wasn’t overweight but my stomach always looked like it was bloated. Now there were two things about my body that I had to be self-conscious about.

How did the procedure go?
The procedures went fantastic. Dr. VV was so reassuring. She told me everything I needed to know so I was prepared for a little breast tenderness and a little discomfort, but even so I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how everything was as Dr Vv said it would be … even with the tummy tuck. She was very on the ball. Very comforting. I can’t recommend her enough. I’ve told so many people about her and told friends that they should go see her. 3 people went to other surgeons because they lived too far to see Dr. vV and all 3 have said they wished they’d been able to come to the Van Vliet Clinic.

How has this changed/impacted your life?
Number one. No back pain.
I’m not uncomfortable in my own skin.
People don’t ask me if I’m pregnant again because my stomach always looked bloated.
I can get dressed without tears
I feel more proportional … my breasts aren’t the first thing people meet and my stomach doesn’t stick out.
I’m not trying to hide my body anymore.

Are you happy with the results?
I’m 100% happy with the results. You can make your boobs look bigger but you can’t make big boobs look smaller. I feel psychologically and emotionally better. More proportional. My breasts fit my body. My stomach is flat again. I can wear clothes that I only dreamed of wearing before. I’m more confident and more comfortable in my own skin. Doing both procedures together was the right thing to do. It wasn’t complicated or difficult thanks to Dr. vanVliet.
I wouldn’t change a thing now.

How was the pre and post care for you?
The care I received was amazing. I was treated like family. They took care of me the way I would have taken care of me. They were very comforting and reassuring. I trusted them 100%. Everything was thought of and taken care of. They were really organized and I didn’t have to worry about things like post surgery bras. A friend of mine had the same procedure done elsewhere. I told her how Dr. vanVliet took care of getting me a post-op bra – she ordered it in for me so I didn’t have to worry about getting one and remembering to bring it on the day of the surgery. My friend couldn’t believe it. She had to take care of stuff like that herself.

Are you happy with the care you received?
Dr. vanVliet answered all of my questions up front … I really didn’t have to ask about very much. The Clinic staff took very good care of me. Dr. vanVliet always made sure I was comfortable every step of the way and took care of all of my needs.

Thoughts on Dr VV?
I would recommend Dr. VV to anyone. Her style is comforting but direct. She is very honest and tells you exactly what you can expect from the surgery and recovery. I was never worried. She was very thorough, and covered off everything. In fact, she had prepared me so well that after surgery, during my recovery, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it all went exactly the way she said it would … it was so easy and I was so at ease throughout it all I wished I done it years ago. It was an amazing experience overall thanks to her.

What did you think about the clinic? What do you like most? Suggestions
The office is very pretty and calm. It’s clean and comfortable and feels a lot like going to a spa. The staff was very efficient with my time and scheduling. I only had to wait once … but that was because Dr. VV got held up. I liked how serene and calm the environment was without being too medical.
Would you refer or recommend a friend or family member to the clinic?
I have recommended Dr VV to everyone. Three of my friends lived too far away to come to Dr. VV and all three wished they had travelled here after they had their procedures done. Their experiences just didn’t compare to my experience with Dr. VV.
On a scale out of 10 with 10 being excellent, please rate your overall experience with our clinic.
I would rate The VanVliet Clinic a 10 out of 10. I would recommend the clinic to everyone. I was so pleasantly surprised at how at ease I was and how comfortable I was with everything. I had been so scared to do it and Dr. vanVliet just made me feel so safe and I knew I’d be well taken care of in her hands.


VG 2

What prompted you to seek the procedure?

I’m a small-framed person. I have 3 kids … the last 2 were twins. After the twins I had a lot of loose skin. I would go to the gym and work out a lot but no amount of exercise would tighten it up. I could tell, when I pushed on the muscles and saw how easily they pushed apart, that exercise wasn’t going to do it for me.

Did you have any concerns going in?

I didn’t have any concerns about getting a tummy tuck once I found Dr. vanVliet. I just wanted the loose skin to go away! My husband though … he had to be convinced. He was worried about what could happen during surgery.

How long had you been thinking about having the procedure done?

I had the twins in 2008 so after they arrived … 6 years ago I wanted to do something about it … I knew that I was going to need some help with it. I spoke to several other doctors over the years. I wasn’t comfortable with them. They didn’t really listen and it felt like “take a number”. My husband was very involved in my choice of doctor and the decision to do the surgery. He wanted to be assured that he wouldn’t become a single Dad!

I “Googled” plastic surgeons and was very impressed with Dr. vanVliet’s “before and after” pictures on her website. I decided to come in for a consultation with her

My husband came to my consultation with Dr. vanVliet because he wanted to know what we were up against. He was worried about the recovery, and was I going to be okay afterward. Dr. vanVliet was very reassuring, and very detailed in her information. She made both of us feel very comfortable right away. We left there knowing what to expect.

How did the procedure go?

The procedure went really well. I was ready for it mentally. Dr. vanVliet had me well prepared for it.

How has this changed/impacted your life?

Oh my god, it’s impacted everything. Everything! My self-confidence is so much greater. Just standing and breathing feels great without all that skin hanging down. After a tummy tuck you feel so much better about yourself. I’m a small person but clothes used to be the enemy … they didn’t fit right. Now I look at clothes differently because they feel good on. My husband would buy me lingerie and I’d never wear it with all that skin … now I get to wear it and enjoy wearing it.

Are you happy with the results?

I’m very happy with the results.

The incision is barely noticeable, but it’s so low I don’t have to worry about seeing it when I wear a bikini. Friends couldn’t tell that I had a new belly button!

How was the pre and post care for you?

The pre and post care was good. The tubes bothered me because they’re uncomfortable but it was only for 9 days and I was focused on the end result so it wasn’t that bad!

Are you happy with the care you received?


Thoughts on Dr. VV?

Dr. vanVliet is amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor before during or after. The whole staff was excellent too. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

What did you think about the clinic? What do you like most? Suggestions

The staff were really helpful. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. You go in there is such a vulnerable state, it’s great to have such caring people there for you.

Would you refer or recommend a friend or family member to the clinic?

I would definitely recommend Dr. vanVliet and the clinic. After my tummy tuck my girlfriends and I got together for a tummy tuck party. They were amazed at how good it looked. They were like OMG she did an amazing job … what’s her name again? I showed my new tummy to my relatives back in Grenada who had seen how bad my stomach was before the surgery – they were so impressed it was like “she’s a miracle worker”

How does your experience in our office differ from past experiences in other cosmetic surgery offices?

I went to a few doctors for consultations, but they didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like they were hearing what you were saying, and you felt a bit like a number. I wanted to feel comfortable and listened to. I didn’t want a doctor that I felt scared or uncomfortable asking questions of or calling. Even my husband loved it there. They included him and let him be present and involved.

Please, rate your overall experience with our clinic.

Out of 10, I would give the Van Vliet Clinic a 15!

Joanne DB

What procedures did you have done?
I had a breast reduction and lipo-suction procedure done in 2013 and then I had a tummy tuck done in 2014.
What prompted you to seek the procedure?
I had been thinking about it for many years. I tried to enjoy an active life, but I was uncomfortable … my boobs and tummy always got in the way. I suffered from a backache, neck ache and it was difficult to find clothes that fit properly. I was very, very self-conscious of my body.
Did you have any concerns going in?
My age was a concern for me. I think I was 63 when I had my first procedure, and 64 for my tummy tuck. I was worried about how I would tolerate the anesthetic. I also had some moral anxiety … was I silly to be doing the breast reduction & lipo at my age?
How long had you been thinking about having the procedure done?
I’d been thinking about getting a breast reduction for 15 years. I’d put it off and put it off until I thought I was too old. But then I had a real goal. I had cancer … I’m grateful to report that I went into remission and have had no issues since. I turned 60 and it made me reevaluate parts of my life … the breast reduction being one. Then later, the tummy tuck.

How did your procedures go?
Both procedures went very well. I was very comfortable and at peace with my decision on the day of the surgery thanks to Dr. vanVliet. I was amazed at how relaxed and how well prepared I was for everything. The pre-op was great … I was as relaxed as anyone could be. My post-op and recovery went extremely well for both surgeries.
How has this changed/impacted your life?
My self-confidence has been boosted … I feel like I don’t “stick out” anymore! I’m much more comfortable when I do my fitness … I enjoy 5-mile walks and I try to do more intense cardio on the elliptical and I do weights. I feel good and my numbers are good. With my tummy tuck, I have a flat stomach again! It’s just so liberating.
Are you happy with the results?
I was very happy with the breast reduction and tummy tuck. I’m very happy with the results … more than you can imagine. With the tummy tuck, I had an “apron” … an apron is a shelf of sagging skin on the stomach. I had had five babies, and gained weight with each of them. After that much wear and tear on the stomach muscles, the skin hangs down and you just can’t diet or work it off. Now I’m essentially flat on my stomach 38 years after having my first baby. It’s such freedom! My breast reduction is terrific. The breast isn’t pendulous, the shape is perfect, and I love that I’m wearing tops that end at the waistband of my pants and skirts. No more long hanging tops to try to hide my body. I should have done it years ago … I’m sure everyone says that but unless you’ve had the surgery done, you can’t appreciate what the freedom is like.
How was the pre and post care for you?
The pre-op was well explained … it was easy to get done for both surgeries. The aftercare was a non-issue. For the tummy tuck, my pain wasn’t terrible, I saw Dr. vanVliet about a week post surgery and everything was good. I was able to go back to my walking.
Are you happy with the care you received?
I was totally happy with the care I received. I always felt totally supported and always felt like I could call the clinic over any little or big thing. After hours or anytime I had questions. I knew they were there for me.
Thoughts on Dr vanVliet?
Dr vanVliet is a pleasant, smiling individual who is also very positive and fun. She really went out of her way to assure me that I wasn’t being silly or foolish to be having these surgeries at my age. I really felt like we developed a friendship … I never felt rushed or hurried, and she always made time to talk to me about things that weren’t related to my surgery, but more about other things.

I couldn’t get over how respectful of me she was in the OR when I was naked and feeling vulnerable. It really was respectful … I wasn’t made to feel self-conscious. Because she’s a woman, she really understood how I was feeling and was very in tune with my emotional state. After the surgery when I woke up she was there, holding my hand. She’s very genuine and kind. Afterward, I felt like a million dollars and knew that both surgeries had been well worth doing.
What did you think about the clinic? What do you like most?
The Clinic is very relaxing and comfortable. It feels very private. The staff, especially Lynda, are lovely and gentle … and they were all very respectful – this was a big thing for me – because they were all women at the clinic, I felt a real sisterhood. I wasn’t made to feel imperfect or ugly or silly. And that made me feel very restful in my decision to have the procedures done.
Please rate your overall experience:
My family physician recommended that I see Dr vanVliet. To be honest, Im not sure I would have gone to my appointment, had the specialist been a man. I just jumped at the chance and wouldn’t have gone to a man at my age – I wouldn’t have felt comfortable. There was something about that- a sisterhood. Dr vanVliet said to me “you’re’re a good human being -and you are not foolish to want this”. Im not sure a man would have understood my emotional state or where I was coming from.

Dr. vanVliet is a warm, caring, compassionate doctor with a great bedside manner. You feel that you can talk to her without feeling like there’s a wall. She was always very supportive and I always felt like I could call her. I would say that both surgeries were wonderful experience.
I would recommend the Van Vliet clinic and Dr vanVliet in a heartbeat. I would not hesitate. My overall rating of my experience is a 10 out of 10!

Bird. H PP tweak

HB underwent breast lift and tummy tuck surgery two years ago. She had lost a significant amount of weight and was fit but had extensive laxity of her skin and descent of her breasts as a result. Below is her account of her post-operative experience.

What prompted you to seek the procedure?
I had a tummy tuck and breast lift after I had lost about 110 lbs. It had taken me less than a year to lose the weight, but once I’d lost the weight I started going to gym and working out but there was no way that any amount of exercise was going to make my loose skin snap back. It was very uncomfortable. When I exercised it was flapping. It was awful … I couldn’t buy jeans that actually fit. I had to tuck my loose skin into my clothing – I had to adjust accordingly. I never felt good in a bathing suit or anything like that … the skin just hung there. And after losing all that weight I wanted to show it off! Unfortunately stretched skin just doesn’t forgive.

What were your concerns before the surgery?
I wondered how it was going to work out in the end … down the road. I was really scared. I did even more research after the procedure because there’s very little information on what I can expect my body to be like in 5 or 10 years. I’m very happy now!

Are you happy with the result?
I’m very happy with the result. 2 years later it’s just better and better. I would recommend a breast lift/tummy tuck to everyone.

How has this changed/impacted your life?
Now, exercise is an extremely positive experience for me. When I go to the gym I can do things that I couldn’t do before. When you’re jumping around and your skin is slapping, it’s embarrassing, and exercise is harder to do. After the breast lift and tummy tuck, I feel like I’ve been freed up. My confidence is higher. Now shopping for clothes is amazing. My wardrobe is much larger than it used to be … I can even share clothes with my daughter now.

Thoughts on Dr VV?
I found Dr. vanVliet to be really personable and easy to talk to. I was really happy. She was very attentive and willing to listen to what my concerns were and she was very good about explaining what she could or couldn’t do. She really outlined the reasons. She explained what would be going on. I felt I was in good hands. She’s very thorough … I’ve recommended her to my friends – to go and talk to her about things that they expressed an interest in and that. I highly recommend her. She explained it all so I really understood why and how … and she did a great job!

How was your post op care?
My post op care was great. They were good, they were fast, they followed up with me and answered any questions that I had when I was going through it. I was in good hands. My scars are minimal … they’re even less than I thought they would be, which was one of my biggest concerns. I knew right after I would look like Frankenstein, but the stitch marks quickly faded. Because I’d looked at lots of pictures on the website, I knew what I would look like right after the surgery by comparison to everyone else.
What did you think about the clinic? What do you like most?
The clinic was comfortable and inviting. The staff were really nice and everyone was really respectful.

Would you recommend this procedure to other women?
Absolutely I would recommend a breast lift and tummy tuck to other women. The healing is not easy but it’s worth it. The first week is the hardest, but after you’re good. The healing is much better. I was able to start doing full on ab exercises within 3 months. It was the best thing I ever did!


What prompted you to seek the procedure?

I had wanted to get a breast reduction for many years. I was a triple “D” in elementary school … they were just really big for a long time. At one point I was actually up to an “H”. I’ve just always had a large chest. The weight was causing neck and shoulder pain. I had been waiting because I wanted to lose weight after I had my kids, prior to getting a reduction. I ended up losing 70 lbs so it was a very good time for me to finally get it done. I thought I’d go in and get the breast reduction, but with having C-Sections plus the weight gain and loss, my stomach wasn’t very nice at all.

I thought about it and did some research about tummy tucks. I waited until I was at the clinic and asked Dr. vanVliet about getting one done at the same time and she was in agreement. My family doctor and I had spoken about breast reductions. She had told me that the patients she had who hadn’t had liposuction done with the breast reduction had regretted it. I started Googling that so I had a bit of information prior to my appointment with Dr. vanVliet. When Dr. vanVliet did her examination she brought it up, saying that yes absolutely I was a candidate for it and she showed me where she would contour. She explained it more in detail than what I’d found on the Internet. The liposuction gave it a smoother, cleaner finish down the sides. My breasts were quite wide I guess … they went far back under my underarm. She explained that breast reduction alone would leave me with excess tissue around the sides of my breasts.

I originally went in for the consult to have a breast reduction. I later asked Dr. vanVliet about getting a tummy tuck. I had 2 C-sections, and I think Dr. vanVliet had said that the muscles inside were not in the best shape … I don’t know if that’s scar tissue or healing from the C-sections. The skin on my stomach was sagging and even after losing weight and working out – it wasn’t going anywhere! Once I talked to her about it she gave me the quote for the breast reduction and tummy tuck. She never said you have to do both … it was entirely up to me.

My tummy tuck looks great! I wore a bikini for the first time in over 22 years! That was a big moment. My husband was very happy. (laughs) I’m so glad I did it in conjunction with the breast reduction. As much as I would have still been crazy happy with the reduction, getting both done improved my overall appearance. Just getting the breast reduction might have made me look a little bottom-heavy. It was easier too to do them both at once. Then you only have one hospital stay, one recovery. They were both good together.

Did you have any concerns going in?
I was concerned because my breasts were not very good looking prior to surgery, but I didn’t want them to look worse. I did a lot of research and Dr. vanVliet came highly recommended. Once I met her I was so comfortable and my one worry … that because I’d had large breasts since I was about 10 … I was worried, because to most people the size that she was talking about taking them down to was probably not small, it just seemed small to me because I’d been huge for so long. Would I look like a pear? Would I be bottom heavy? Was it too small? Big … that’s all I knew. Normal was new to me. So when we talked, she took the time to help me though imagining how they would be in proportion to my body. She absolutely listened to my concerns and we talked about it … and she assured me … and they turned out fantastic. She really helped me.

Are you happy with the result?
I’m very happy with the result. My stomach now … I can actually contract my stomach muscles … it feels so different than it did after my C-sections. It just feels better, even physically inside. Not just the skin on the outside, but the actual inside. It feels like a stomach should feel, not the way it felt before, which was very strange … very disconnected.

I am so happy I did the surgery. I would have liked to have done it years sooner if I’d had the weight off, but I waited until I’d lost the weight and stabilized. It just makes me feel so much younger and happier. No one should feel uncomfortable with their body.

I’m also very happy with my breast surgery. In the beginning because most breasts that you see that look fantastic are fake. Their round and they have their own look and having a natural look was what I wanted. I couldn’t anticipate how that would look on me because mine had been so heavy and long for so long, I just didn’t know what a natural breast looked like. I really had no idea. So I’m very happy with my result. When I put my undergarments on … the way they sit. They healed nicely … the scars are lighter than they were a few months ago – they’re getting lighter all the time. I’m very happy with it.
How has this changed/impacted your life?
I’m more comfortable in my own skin. I feel more like a better me, not like I’m living in this big saggy, droopy uncomfortable body. You just feel like you’re able to be who you are. My breasts were very uncomfortable prior to the surgery. They were quite large and long. Sleeping, moving, anything … it was uncomfortable and I would never go without a bra. It was gross. I mean I was only 42 and I said to myself that I should be feeling better than that. So It’s impacted everything. I’m happier, I’m comfortable; I’m wearing bathing suits at the beach with my kids …

Thoughts on Dr. VV?

When I met with Dr. vanVliet I knew. I was good. I really didn’t have to look anywhere else. I knew that she was the one I was going with. I felt very comfortable with her demeanor. I loved her demeanor. She has a great aura and energy about her. She’s very compassionate. As for being her patient, everything was wonderful. She made me feel very calm and relaxed. She’s very reassuring. I was able to ask her anything and she addressed it right away. On the day of my surgery she knew that I was a little bit nervous. She held my hand, talked to me, told me that everything was going to be good … she could see that I was nervous and I was like Wow … that’s really nice to take that time and make your patient feel comfortable.

What did you think about the clinic? What do you like most?
I really liked the clinic. All my appointments were great. The main nurse … Franca, she was lovely. I had her every time I was there. She was very sweet.

Would you refer or recommend a friend or family member to the clinic?
Absolutely. My girlfriend is just in the midst of having hers right now. Anybody that asks, I would absolutely recommend Dr. vanVliet. And that’s why I agreed to do this testimonial. The more people that show their results, not that I want to see my before, but it’s a real eye-opener. Because to me it’s like night and day. I don’t even recognize myself.


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