With autumn comes cooler temperatures and less time in the sun. It’s a great time to reverse some of the damage to our skin that has accumulated over the summer months. It’s also a good time to consider switching up some skin products to suit the cooler, drier season.

  1. Skin care products should change with the changing seasons: A broad spectrum SPF will still serve you well but you can step it down – I usually drop from an SPF 45 in the summer to SPF 30 in the fall and winter. The reason I still use a broad spectrum SPF, no matter the weather, is to protect against skin cancer, plus wrinkles and aging spots. UVA light is as prevalent on cold, cloudy November days and is the primary cause of wrinkled skin.

  2. I top my SPF off with topical anti-oxidants essentially both moisturizing and feeding my skin in one application. If my skin still feels dry after this powerful anti-aging combination I add moisturizer. At night I use retinol and a gentle AHA to repair and feed my skin… again I titrate in moisturizer only if I feel I need it.

  3. Reverse ‘aging and liver’ spots: Aging spots are really just sun-spots; they accumulate only on our sun-kissed parts (face, chest and back of hands most common). Although these spots have little to do with aging – they can in fact age us. The good news is these spots are easy to erase and improve upon with light and laser based treatments – highly effective treatments that can set the clock back a good decade. These modalities are not only safe –they are good for your skin and there is virtually no down time, so your skin can improve seamlessly over a very short time period.

  4. Get on top of rosacea: Just like brown spots can age us so can red blotchy skin that subtends inflammation and acne. Broad band light (BBL) is a very safe and effective way to tone down rosacea flares and improve the health and vitality of your skin.

  5. Improve fine lines, wrinkles or skin texture: The best approach is to start with an introductory consultation with me at the Van Vliet Clinic. I’ll provide you with my recommendation on how to best approach your skin rejuvenation efforts and steer you towards best practice and treatment protocols to address your concerns. A number of light and laser based treatments (BBL, Halo, PDT, skin tightening) as well as injectables are offered.

  6. Get rid of those love handles: CoolSculpting helps you target and eliminate stubborn fat bulges, such as love handles, muffin tops and double chins. The technology is safe and has virtually no down time. Fat drops away within 3 months of your treatment so the fall is a great time to start so you’re ready for those beach holidays!

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