Academy Awards red carpetSkincare. Having enjoyed the Academy Awards red carpet festivities and wonderments from the vantage point of our TV, you likely noticed that much of the interview talk by the media is about how the stars prepare for their red carpet stroll. Shoes, jewellery and “what designer are you wearing?” are considered important components of looking stunning. Sometimes you’ll hear a hairdresser get props from a client, but you never hear the interviewer ask the stars about skincare or what they do to prepare their skin for this important soiree.

Here’s my take. I think first and foremost they don’t do just one thing to get ready. True, they may get a chemical peel or some skin tightening in the 24 hours before their big event. This will buff and tighten their skin so they look their most lustrous and beautiful. But they take their skincare further.

Long before the carpet is rolled out, selective neuromodulation (doctor-speak for Botox, etc.) has been planned to relax over-worked facial muscles, plus dermal fillers, restore and enhance cheek or lip definition or volume. These are done regularly and definitely 1 – 2 weeks before the event. Stars will also regularly use laser and light-based therapies to reduce wrinkling, diminish aging spots and to create a uniformly smooth and flawless complexion. Again, note that these are not last minute details. These skincare procedures are considered to be upkeep and are part of a beauty routine.

I think the reason people aren’t discussing how stars get beautiful skin and facial contours is that the inherent assumption is that it’s just their great genetics and a little Hollywood magic. Sure, they have great gene stock, but as I’ve said before, aging is aging and there is a method and approach that works towards maintaining our looks as we age. As a plastic surgeon, I get this. I too marvel at the work “well done” and the work “not so well done”.

We all have our own versions of “red carpet” events, whether they’re birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or retirement parties. In short, they are any event where we want to look our best. And although we may not be as invested in facial rejuvenation as the celebrities (they need to be) we nevertheless can have an approach to getting picture perfect ready for events that matter to us.

If there is a special event that you would like some “help” with feel free to come in for a consultation.  Happy to help.